CISAR (Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue) is a NO-KILL Animal Rescue Facility.

We also offer low-cost veterinary services to the residents in Central Illinois.
We believe every animal has a right to life. We do not discriminate against breed, disposition, color, temperament or age. We take in abused, abandoned, mistreated, unwanted animals that need a loving home and rehabilitate them and show them love and affection so they can bless some family with a wonderful pet.

All animals get veterinary care and vaccinations when they arrive, and are then neutered or spayed. We screen potential adopters so that we know the animal we place will be given a wonderful, loving home for life. We are a not for profit organization and we depend on people like you to donate their time and money to help care for them.

To adopt one of our pets, fill out the PET-Contract and Animal Adopt Application.

Call us at 309-724-8241 to learn more about us or to schedule an appointment.